Biksteenmolen De Vlijt - ©Sanne de Vos
Brick mill De Vlijt

Brick mill De Vlijt - Oostzaan

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Brick mill De Vlijt is a beautiful old mill, located on an island on the outskirts of Oostzaan. It was built before 1900 and is originally from Zaandam. 'Zorg en Vlijt', as the mill was first called, served as a sawmill and brick mill, or mill in which clay was ground to be made into bricks. Wheat was also ground at the mill.

In 1945, the mill was moved to Jacob Cornelisstraat in Oostzaan. As there was a great housing shortage after World War II, an emergency house was built next to the mill shed. The Van den Broek family lived there.

In 1959, the mill moved to its current location. By now, De Vlijt was in poor condition and the foundation had rotted away. Owner Jb. van den Broek drew up a rescue plan, which enabled the mill to last for years again.

Nevertheless, after some time, the mill fell into disrepair again and the municipality of Oostzaan bought it. At the same time, a foundation was set up by the descendants of the Van den Broek family. The foundation was the only group to submit a plan to the municipality to refurbish the bikestone mill, but it needed money to do so.

Thanks to donations and sponsorship, the fully restored mill could be opened in 2020. Now De Vlijt is a protected monument and important cultural heritage.

Photo: ©Sanne de Vos, via Toerisme Laag Holland

Biksteenmolen De Vlijt - ©Sanne de Vos

Brick mill De Vlijt
Dokter Keijzerstraat 36
1511 VP Oostzaan

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