Boerderij de Polderij
Boerderij de Polderij (De Polderij farm)

Boerderij de Polderij (De Polderij farm) - Maassluis

N 51.9128663 / E 4.2635394

This municipal monument from 1912 is a long-house farmhouse. A long-house farmhouse is a farm where the house and the back home are beside each other under a continuous roof. This type of farm used to be common in this region. The farm is certainly worth a visit for admirers of agricultural architecture. The building is currently being used for business meetings, but they’re also creating a cheese factory and catering area that will also be opened for cyclists passing by.

Boerderij de Polderij

Boerderij de Polderij (De Polderij farm)
Vlaardingsedijk 7
3143 LN Maassluis

Contact details
T: +3110 – 311 22 84

At the moment the farm can only be viewed from the outside.

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