Boot van Pesse
Boat of Pesse

Boat of Pesse - Pesse

N 52.7699931 / E 6.4515402

The 'Boat of Pesse' is the oldest vessel in the world. A coarse pine was cut down with a stone or deer horn axe. The log was hollowed out and fabricated into a canoe 3 metres long and 45 centimetres wide.

When the Blikkenveen was dug out in 1955, part of the work to construct the A28 motorway, such a boat was found. It was very close to never having been preserved! The stump was initially not recognised as a canoe, but had accidentally rolled off a cart and been found by an interested party. Thus, the historic 'Boat of Pesse' has been preserved after all.

You can admire a bronze replica at this spot.

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Boot van Pesse

Boat of Pesse
Dorpsstraat 57
7933 PB Pesse

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