Bloedbeek (Loobeek)

Blood creek (Loo creek) - Venray

N 51.550760 / E 5.966543

At the end of the Second World War, the Allies gained more and more ground in Limburg. After the fierce Battle of Overloon, the British wanted to drive the Germans further away and had to go on to Venray. To get to Venray from Overloon they had to cross the local stream with tanks. This stream is the Loobeek and was at the time up to 6 metres wide because of continuous rain.

On 18 October 1944, the Allies crossed the stream but fate struck. The German enemy had mined the creek and hundreds of British soldiers were killed or seriously wounded. The stream literally turned red from all the blood and since then the Loobeek has also been called the Blood Stream.

Next to the creek, you will find the Norfolk memorial in memory of, among others, these deceased.

Photo: from IVN Natuureducatie - - Geysteren-Venray

Bloedbeek (Loobeek)

Blood creek (Loo creek)
5804 BJ Venray

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