Grote Kerk Dordrecht
Grote Kerk Dordrecht
Grote Kerk Dordrecht
Big Church Dordrecht

Big Church Dordrecht - Dordrecht

N 51.8143125 / E 4.6606029

The effort of climbing 275 steps is rewarded with a magnificent view. Nearby is the old town with the harbours at the busiest river junction in Europe. Further away, the city stretches south and east almost as far as the Biesbosch. Visible features include the power plant in Geertruidenberg, the petrochemical industry in Moerdijk and, with a bit of luck, even the tower of Breda. To the east and north, places like Gorinchem and Gouda can be seen, and sometimes even Utrecht's Dom Tower. To the west, the Brienenoord bridges and the Euromast are visible.

The Grote Kerk (Big Church) is the second oldest church in Dordrecht and can be recognised by its unfinished church tower. The original idea was that the tower would have an octagonal floor and a spire, making it as high as 108 metres. But perhaps you have already noticed: the tower is leaning. The marshy ground proved not to be solid enough to support the tower without subsidence. It was therefore decided not to go ahead with the plan. Therefore, the height has not risen above 52 metres, but the tower is still heavy. The tower's carillon has 67 bells and weighs 52,000 kg. This makes it one of the largest chimes in Europe. The heavy bass bell in particular: with 9,830 kg, it is the heaviest bell in the Netherlands.

Grote Kerk Dordrecht
Grote Kerk Dordrecht
Grote Kerk Dordrecht

Big Church Dordrecht
Lange Geldersekade 2
3311 CJ Dordrecht

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