Landgoed Beerschoten
Beerschoten country estate

Beerschoten country estate - De Bilt

N 52.103377382761 / E 5.1972203531609

In the vicinity of the city of Utrecht, you will find Beerschoten Estate. Here you will discover meandering ponds, flowing streams and meadows with groups of trees.

You can also take a walk towards Houdringe, which mainly consists of forest and open grassland. There are various types of trees, the trunks of which are sometimes more than a metre thick. The open structure of the tree roots, created by blowing away the surrounding sand, is also striking. This makes it seem as if the trees are 'walking'.

Landgoed Beerschoten

Beerschoten country estate
De Holle Bilt 6
3732 HM De Bilt

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T: 030-2205555

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