Baak House
Baak House

Baak House - Baak

N 52.0776092 / E 6.2326635

The Baak House has a long history. In 1294, according to documents discovered, the house was owned by the counts of Guelders. Later it came into the possession of various noble families, including a striking number of women. A number of intensive restorations will follow. Around 1740, the castle was converted into a more elegant country house with details in the Louis XIV style and the house was thoroughly modernized in 1801 in a classicist style. During that period, the canals were also relocated and the entrance was moved to what was then the backside. The last extension dates from 1878. Today nothing can be seen of the medieval castle. Now they also speak of House Baak. From 1956 the house has been successively furnished as a monastery, as a shelter for people with mental health problems and as the center of the Focolare movement, a Catholic lay movement that strives for unity in the world. The house is currently owned by the international Christian organization Ellel Ministries. The house is clearly visible from the public road and there is a walking path all the way around the castle park. The house itself can be viewed by appointment.

Baak House

Baak House
Wichmondseweg 19
7223 LH Baak

Contact details
T: +31575441452

Not to be visited on Day of the Castle. House and immediate surroundings are not open to visitors. Gardens to be visited by appointment.

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