Street art - Silo Art Tour
Kunstwerk Relatie tussen mens en dier

Artwork 'Relationship between humans and animals' - Lochem

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Silo Art Tour Achterhoek is a route along several artworks. Using street art on buildings, special places and unique stories are brought to life. These artworks all have a link to the agricultural sector.

The artwork 'Relationship between humans and animals' was painted by artist duo TelmoMiel on OOCON's grain storage silo. The work of art is one of the Netherlands' largest street art. The 'painting' rises far above the landscape, making it visible for miles around Lochem.

The artwork tells the story of the Lochem Hay Pickers. The story takes place during the Eighty Years' War, when the Spaniards tried to take Lochem by trickery. The Spaniards had hidden in the hay carts. Little did they know that as long as the hay wagons were inside the town gate, some boys were allowed to pick hay from the hay wagons for their rabbits. Gatekeeper Jan was one of the boys picking hay for his rabbit. He accidentally grabbed a Spaniard's boot from the wagon. This made everyone aware of the Spaniards and Lochem's soldiers defeated the Spaniards. This is where the Lochemers got the nickname 'The Hay Pickers'.

Street art - Silo Art Tour
Kunstwerk Relatie tussen mens en dier

Artwork 'Relationship between humans and animals'
Goorseweg 13
7241 DB Lochem

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