Amsterdamse Bos
Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos - Amstelveen

N 52.3274465 / E 4.8549011

Although on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the largest part of Amsterdamse Bos lies on Amstelveen territory. We owe the park to nature loving Jac. P. Thijsse. He worried about the lack of green space in Amsterdam and urged that the Nieuwe Meer area should be developed into a large park area. From the outset, Amsterdamse Bos was a real puller, and has remained so in the course of time. Amsterdamse Bos allows for a great range of activities: you can row on the Bosbaan lake, play, clamber and climb to your heart’s desire, or just bring your picnic basket and find a quiet spot.

Amsterdamse Bos
Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos
Bosbaanweg 5
1182 DA Amstelveen

Contact details
T: +31205456100

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

Make de Boswinkel, open from 10 am to 5 pm, your starting point (closed on Mondays).

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