Algerabrug, stormvloedkering
Algerabridge (storm surge barrier)

Algerabridge (storm surge barrier) - Krimpen aan den IJssel

N 51.9168 / E 4.58032

This storm surge barrier consists of two movable gates that hang between large concrete towers. This was chosen because it is not possible to build a dam, because of the many ships that sail here every day. The important shipping route can now simply remain open, as ships normally sail under the gates. Is there an emergency situation in which the river has to be completely closed off? Then this can be done by lowering the gates. Ships can then continue their journey via the lock.

Source: Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed.
Author image: Kris Roderburg

Algerabrug, stormvloedkering

Algerabridge (storm surge barrier)
2921 BD Krimpen aan den IJssel

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