Amslod elektrische fietsen

Discover the beautiful nature of the Netherlands on your Amslod e-bike!

Amslod elektrische fietsen

Since 2015, Amslod has grown at breakneck speed to become one of the biggest e-bike brands in the Netherlands. With Amslod you get a bike of great quality, for a fine price. 

Amslod e-bikes come directly from the manufacturer, without the involvement of expensive middlemen. By eliminating that middleman, you cut back on extra costs and immediately save money!

If you live in the Netherlands, our staff will be happy to come to your home for a free test ride. This way you can try out the Amslod e-bikes in familiar surroundings and at your leisure. Or come to one of our Experience Centers for free and personal advice. Because for the best impression it is important that you try and test the Amslod e-bikes extensively first. Welcome to Amslod!

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