Cycling route planner


Wat is een fietsrouteplanner?

A cycle route planner is an online application that allows you to plan your own route along the cycle nodes. Where you used to (or still are) mapping out your cycling route by writing down all the numbers you want to cycle one after the other on a paper sheet, you can now do so online.

Thematic cycle route of

This generally works by means of a map on which you can choose start, end and waypoints, print out the route and then cycle the route along the well-known junction signs. The question is of course whether you would like to map out the numbers yourself or whether you would prefer to leave this to our team of specialists.

Cycle routes in Holland

Is een fietsrouteplanner? is not a bicycle route planner. We offer cycle routes that are custom made by specialists, so you can get to all the sights on the route. This way you won't miss anything of the area you're going to cycle through. You can also add moments of disembarkation to these routes yourself. These are places of interest and catering establishments that we have given a unique three-digit node number. This makes it easy to find these drop-off points on the route. So you can travel the route without worries! 

Plan a bicycle route with Pit Stops

You sometimes miss that unique castle or a warm apple pie because the moment you get off is a bit off the route. Or that cosy brown pub for which you want to deviate from the cycle route. Many sights and restaurants have our own three-digit node number. Via our cycle route planner you can easily add moments of disembarkation that you like, interest or like to your cycle route. You will also be shown how to get there and how much longer your junction route gets.

Hoe werkt het plannen van een fietsroute

Step 1: Determine where you want to go cycling or get suggestions

Before you can start planning a route, you must of course find a location where you want to cycle. That location can be a province, a village or even your current location in the App. On the website you can enter this location on the main page. If you have no inspiration, you can even ask the website to help you find a route.

Step 2: Choose a route

When you have chosen a location in the first step, the website provides you with all routes around your chosen location. All you have to do is choose a route and follow the next steps.

Step 3: Add Pit Stops

As mentioned earlier, you can personalize your route by adding a step-off point. This is pretty easy by clicking on 'add' under the exit point. So, add a few moments to your journey and you have your own personal bike route.

Step 4: Print or download the route

  • Before you start cycling, you must of course have your route with you. The following options are available:
  • Printing;
  • Downloading;
  • Send to your e-mail.


This can be done in different formats, namely:

  • As a roadmap;
  • node format;
  • As a cycling route map with description;

Never get lost again

In addition to printing or writing down the numbers of a bicycle route, we have also developed a handy bicycle route app. There are quite a few advantages to cycling your route with this app instead of with a cycling map. For example, you will get much better route guidance because we will inform you about the next step in your route at each junction on your chosen route. We will also show you what the best disembarkation moments are near this junction, after which you can add them to visit them. You can easily deviate from the beaten track without having to worry about losing your way. Via the blocks below you can install the App directly on your smartphone. 

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