Landhuis Zwaluwenburg
Zwaluwenburg country house

Zwaluwenburg country house - 't Harde

N 52.4335825 / E 5.8758345

Zwaluwenburg lies on the transition from higher to lower ground. So burg or mountain applies in that sense. Whether swallows refers to the bird species or something else is not known. Previously, Wijnbergen castle stood there, and Zwaluwenburg is built on its foundations in 1728.

It became a block-shaped country house connected by quarter-round wings to two rectangular building houses on a moated house island. The client is Anthony Zwier van Haersolte, lord of Eisen, Zwaluwenborg, Bredenhorst and Staverden. Parts of the layout remain to the north and west of the house and the line of sight in front of the house. The grove to the south of this meadow is called Little Switzerland, in keeping with the landscape style, due to the differences in elevation introduced.

Landhuis Zwaluwenburg

Zwaluwenburg country house
Zwaluwenburg 4
8084 PD 't Harde

Contact details
T: +31263552555

Estate is freely accessible. The house is a gallery.

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