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Zilverpark & Zilverparkkade - Lelystad

N 52.505951 / E 5.474810

In 1992 Lelystad celebrated its 25th anniversary. In honour of this silver jubilee, the Zilverpark was built as a gift from the Province of Flevoland to the city. It was designed by landscape architects Sylvia Karres and Alle Hosper, who were awarded the 'Prize for Environmental Architecture' for this design. The park measures two hectares and two-thirds of its surface is water. Green zones, such as the 'Green Carré' with avenues and as many as 1,000 king lime trees spread throughout the Carré, are combined with modern architecture.

On the north side, you come to Zilverparkkade. Here you will find striking architectural buildings in a row. The starting points for the Zilverparkkade were: high-profile, spatial, light and luxury. It had to be beautiful to look at, but also a pleasant place to live and work. A competition was organised among international architects, who came up with these special designs. The quay was built between 2004 and 2010. Each facade is different, creating a colourful and varied whole.

When you are on Zilverparkkade, you see the following buildings from left to right:
- Calliste | 2005 | Architect: Erick van Egeraat | Named after the Greek word for 'the most beautiful' and the name of a fire goddess | Source of inspiration: Italy.
- Dominor | 2006 | Architect: René van Zuuk | Named after the Latin word for 'ruler' | Source of inspiration: M.C. Esscher.
- Koh-I-Noor | 2006 | Architect: Rob Bakelaar | Named after the 109-carat diamond from India, now owned by the British Royal Family.
- Fensalir | 2007 | Architect: Jeroen van Schooten | Named after a palace from the Norwegian mythology.
- Aeratus | 2006 | Architect: Pim van der Ven | Named after the Latin word for 'copper fittings' | Source of inspiration: Working with copper.
- The Wave | 2006 | Architect: Bjarne Mastenbroek | named after the undulating facade | Inspiration source: The undulating bicycle/footbridge with water feature in the Zilverpark.
- Identi | 2007 | Architect: Paul van Bussel.
- Jocator | 2010 | Architect: Harry Abels | Named after the Latin word for 'schalk' or 'joker', because the gold-coloured frames and the panes form a kind of mischievous smile | Source of inspiration: Modern Baroque.
- Klusor | 2010 | Architect: Harry Abels | Named after the word for 'gemstone in a setting' | Source of inspiration: The unobstructed view and spatial effect.

Fotograaf: Fleurbaaij Kunst & Cultuur

Zilverpark & Zilverparkkade
8232 WL Lelystad

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