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Wylre Castle

Wylre Castle - Wijlre

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The name Wijlre for village and castle is also written as Wylre and Wilre. In 1652, Johan Arnold van Wachtendonck acquires Wylre by inheritance. In 1652-1654, the current castle was built. It is an elongated rectangular house, built of bricks with alternating marl bands as finishing. At that time, the complex is still located in a classicistic canal structure. The U-shaped complex of service houses, carriage house and stables opposite the castle dates from the 18th century.

Art collectors Jo and Marlies Eyck bought Wylre in 1981. They carry out extensive restoration work on the castle and garden. The walls, painted white in the 19th century, are cleaned. The couple also create a number of beautifully designed garden rooms, separated by hedges and connected by lines of sight. Furthermore, a decorative rose garden and a flower garden with borders on colour are created and modern sculptures are placed.

Kasteel Wylre

Wylre Castle
Kasteel Wijlreweg 1
6321 PP Wijlre

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T: 043-4502616
E: info@kasteelwijlre.nl

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Closed in winter.

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