Würzburg Riese V229 base

Würzburg Riese V229 base - Harderwijk

N 52.3320278 / E 5.59375

Standing on the bicycle bridge, you can see the base amidst the green of the Hortus nature garden. Radar station Hase in Harderwijk consisted of two radar systems of the “Würzburg Riese” type, that were stationed here between 1942 and 1945. This radar type was capable of tracking targets at a relatively short distance with a high degree of precision. As soon as the “Freya Fahrstuhl” type radar, stationed a bit further away, had detected the target at a great distance, its location could be tracked with precision by the Würzburg radar, and fired at by surrounding air defence stations if possible. Today, of the two Würzburg Riese radars only one - standard type V229 - base has been preserved. The second one was presumably demolished in the 1960s, as were the remainders of the station and a part of the German shooting range Horst, to make room for the new A28 motorway.

Würzburg Riese V229 base

Würzburg Riese V229 base
3845 CD Harderwijk

Contact details
T: +31683167696
E: info@hortusharderwijk.nl

The Hortus Nature garden is open from sun dawn to sunset.

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