Arbeidershuisjes Griendtsveen ©Drents Archief
Workers' cottages Griendtsveen

Workers' cottages Griendtsveen - Erica

N 52.686779161219 / E 6.9174594325626

Griendtsveen and the surrounding area became a workers' centre thanks to peat and husk extraction and the peat litter factories. The Griendtsveen Peat Litter Company then decided to build offices, factories and homes, among other things, all in the same architectural style.

Factory workers of lower ranks lived closest to the factories, for whom austere cottages were built. The more you move west, the more luxurious the houses became. Indeed, people with higher positions lived further away.

Photo: ©Drent Archief

Arbeidershuisjes Griendtsveen ©Drents Archief

Workers' cottages Griendtsveen
7887 Erica

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