Wittebrinksemolen - Zelhem

N 52.003739 / E 6.2918922

The Wittebrink Mill, located halfway between Hummelo and Zelhem, is a gem of historical heritage dating back to the year 1870. The mill stands on a raised platform, known as a "belt," and was originally intended for grinding grain, a common use for windmills at the time.

During the 20th century, however, the mill fell out of operation and was stripped of its inner workings. In the 1960s, the mill was even in a dilapidated state, with only one wooden breast rod remaining. But the history of the Wittebrink mill is one of resilience and restoration.

An extensive restoration period between 1967 and 1971 brought new life to the mill. Initially, the mill was restored only rotationally, but eventually it was made millable again. In the following years, the mill rotated regularly, regaining its former glory.

In the summer of 2006, the Wittebrink mill underwent a significant refurbishment. Numerous improvements were carried out, including the installation of a new long shoot, long braces and extensive repairs to the windshield (the sails). A new head was even cast on the back of the left joint timber, in addition to replacing creeping posts and other necessary work.


Hummeloseweg 76
7021 KN Zelhem

Contact details
T: 06 47109424

The mill is open to visitors on special days. Keep an eye on the social media channels for more information.

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