Wissink's Mol

Wissink's Mol - Usselo

N 52.195935 / E 6.830265

The mill has 3 attics instead of the usual two attics with standard mills. This mill, built in 1802, ground until 1921 for the farmers in this area. Until 1981, the mill stood in this abandoned place. Partly because of this, the mill was the target of rowdy actions. This caused the mill to be in such a bad state in the 1950s that the Association for the Conservation of Natural Monuments seriously considered demolishing the mill. In 1957 a large-scale restoration was carried out, which then secured the future of the mill. Restoration work was also carried out on the mill in 1965. In 1981 the mill was put back on old existing foundations and restored again.

Wissink's Mol

Wissink's Mol
t.o. Helmerstraat 401
7546 PD Usselo

Contact details
T: 053-4610710, 053-434038,053-4282777, 074-2774531.

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

Wednesday and Saturday noon - 4pm and groups on appointment.

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