Venster Havengebied Westerschouwen
Window Port area Westenschouwen

Window Port area Westenschouwen - Burgh-Haamstede

N 51.670961393093 / E 3.7040173802724

Through this window you will see Westenschouwen (not to be confused with Westerschouwen) as it used to be. Westenschouwen was a fishing village that silted up in the 16th century, like many other villages on the Oosterschelde.

There is a saga of Westenschouwen about a mermaid caught by fishermen from this village and shown on the quay to the population, while her merman with their child, kept swimming around the boat in panic. . The mermaid weakened and eventually died of exhaustion. Her merman then proclaimed a curse on the village, which was ravaged by heavy storms the same evening. Within a year, nothing was left of Westenschouwen.

Venster Havengebied Westerschouwen

Window Port area Westenschouwen
4328 PK Burgh-Haamstede

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