Molen Sint Victor
Windmill Saint Victor

Windmill Saint Victor - Heeze

N 51.374136 / E 5.574896

In Heeze stands the round stone mill Sint Victor. The mill is now one of the national monuments of Heeze. The mill was built in 1852 for J.F. Pompen. At the time, it served as a bark mill, oil mill and corn mill. The oil mill was demolished in 1887. The bark mill was also demolished in 1820. After two fires in 1862 and 1904, the mill was soon rebuilt.

One of the special elements of the Sint Victor is the wind vane from 1841. The belt on which the mill is located is almost 7 metres high, which is quite exceptional.

Molen Sint Victor

Windmill Saint Victor
Leenderweg 14-16
5591 JE Heeze

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T: 040-2262602

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Monday Closed
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Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday Closed
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