Windmill De Zwaluw

Windmill De Zwaluw - Hasselt

N 52.587086 / E 6.097016

G. Determan had to watch his mill being destroyed by fire on 23 April 1857. The miller was insured against fire damage, but because it was the only flour mill in the immediate area, there was a lot of trouble for the citizens. In 1867 the rebuilt mill was sold to Albert Schrijver, whose son Roelof, together with a servant, kept the mill in operation. This can be seen in the window of the mill. In 1876 the van Mulligen family obtained the mill for 4,500 guilders. Hein van Mulligen is the first miller of that name. In 1905 the mill was transferred to son Jan and in 1939 to his son Frederik.
In 1955, the N.V. IJsselmij attempted to generate electricity using the wind power of the mill. The mill was stripped of its millwork for this purpose. However, the mill turned out to be too weak. The mill was restored in 1964 and the usual milling tools were reassembled.
The mill has since been taken over by Jan van Mulligen. He handed over De Zwaluw in 1996 to the foundation for preservation of the flour mill De Zwaluw, after which a restoration started at the end of 1996. The restoration of the mill was completed in August 1997 and plans are being worked out to preserve the Zwaluw flour mill in Hasselt for posterity.

Windmill De Zwaluw

Windmill De Zwaluw
Stenendijk 7
8061 HP Hasselt

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Other times by appointment with possibility for groups, including catering.

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