Molen De Speelman
Molen De Speelman
Windmill De Speelman

Windmill De Speelman - Rotterdam-Overschie

N 51.938551 / E 4.443943

The mill, which was newly built/relocated in 1971, is located on the corner of the Overschiese Kleiweg and the Oude Kleiweg at the edge of the built-up area. Internal rotating parts still date from 1712. The mill is owned by De Hollandsche Molen and has been in use again on a small scale since 1972. Wheat is milled for private persons and some bakers. The operation of De Speelman is in the hands of the Stichting behoud Molen De Speelman.

Molen De Speelman
Molen De Speelman

Windmill De Speelman
Overschiese Kleiweg 775
3045 LN Rotterdam-Overschie

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