Molen De Eendracht
Windmill De Eendracht

Windmill De Eendracht - Alkmaar

N 52.639846 / E 4.739168

Windmill "De Eendracht" is a round stone windmill and was built in 1771. It used to drain the large Eendracht polder (approx. 100 ha) on the Schermerboezem. As a result of urban expansion, the polder was built up between 1930 and 1980, which meant that the windmill no longer caught much wind. The windmill was in operation until 1931 to drain the polder. In that year, its task was taken over by an electric pumping station that was built right next to the windmill. Next to the pumping station, until the fire on 5 December 1932, there used to be a small miller's house. The mill has never been inhabited.

Molen De Eendracht

Windmill De Eendracht
Kruseman van Eltenweg
1817 BC Alkmaar

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