Wind mill De Zandhaas

Wind mill De Zandhaas - Santpoort-Noord

N 52.427505 / E 4.641063

Mill De Zandhaas - also called De Santhaes - dates from 1779 and is of the type of octagonal scaffolding mill. A special feature is that the reed deck of the upper deck extends into the octagonal side of the mill underneath the scaffold. The Zandhaas is regularly used as a corn mill. The mill also contains an electric grinder with two coupling grinding stones. Before 1991, De Zandhaas had three torque millstones driven by the wind. At the bottom of the mill there is a nice shop with all kinds of products connected to the mill. The interior of this shop comes from an abandoned grocery store near De Zandhaas. Behind De Zandhaas there is a small visitor center that is also regularly open to the public. 

Wind mill De Zandhaas

Wind mill De Zandhaas
Wüstelaan 83
2071 AE Santpoort-Noord

Contact details
T: 023-5391793

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

Thursday to Saturday 10.00 -17.00 hours and by appointment.

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