Wiel van Bassa

Wiel van Bassa - Schoonrewoerd

N 51.9176469 / E 5.1325296

The Wiel van Bassa is the largest breakthrough wheel in the Netherlands. A breakthrough wheel, breakthrough hole, swirl wheel, wheel or impeller is a visible and permanent result of a dike breach. When a dike breaks, the outflowing and swirling water has so much force that it leaves a deep hole behind the dike. When the polder is pumped dry again, this often leaves a water hole.

The Wiel van Bassa, or Schoonrewoerdse Wiel, is 13 hectares in size and is located next to the Diefdijk, near Leerdam. The Diefdijk broke through in 1571 and then again in 1573, after which this big wheel got its current shape.

Wiel van Bassa

Wiel van Bassa
Kerkweg 6
4145 MP Schoonrewoerd

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