Westerkerk Enkhuizen
Westerkerk Enkhuizen

Westerkerk Enkhuizen - Enkhuizen

N 52.7032082 / E 5.2864272

The Westerkerk in Enkhuizen is one of the 100 most beautiful national monuments in the Netherlands. The construction of the church started around 1470. The most special elements in the church are the beautiful choir gate from 1547 in early Renaissance style, the beautiful pulpit from 1566, the special organ from 1549 and the seventeenth century Librije. Do not forget to look down and discover the tombstones under your feet, there are more than 1500! The oldest, worked gravestone dates from 1503. After the restoration of the monumental church, it has become an important place for cultural and social activities.

The Westerkerk can be rented for reception, dinner, wedding, funeral, meeting, exhibition, concert and more.

Westerkerk Enkhuizen
Westerkerk Enkhuizen

Westerkerk Enkhuizen
Westerstraat 138
1601 AN Enkhuizen

Contact details
T: +31228317800
E: bureau@westerkerkenkhuizen.nl

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