Tuurtoren - ©Margreet Snaterse - via Vogelkijkhut.nl

Watchtower Tuurtoren - Zeewolde

N 52.314298 / E 5.467718

This watchtower pearls above the Horsterberg and the Horstelwold. From a height of 12 metres, you look out over the vast nature reserve De Stille Kern. You will see that the area lives up to its name: it is an oasis of peace and quiet.

De Tuurtoren is right on the junction network, making it a nice stopover during your cycle route.

Photo: ©Margreet Snaterse - via Vogelkijkhut.nl

Tuurtoren - ©Margreet Snaterse - via Vogelkijkhut.nl

Watchtower Tuurtoren
3896 LR Zeewolde

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