Uitkijktoren Herperduin
Watchtower Herperduin

Watchtower Herperduin - Herpen

N 51.762845 / E 5.617262

At the watchtower Herperduin you have a fantastic view over the Herperduin nature reserve. You can even see the Province House in Den Bosch. On the north side you see the Wageningse Berg and if you look to the east, you will find the skyline of Nijmegen. Not so strange when you consider that the watchtower itself is 24 meters high and also placed on a shifting mound of 7 meters high.

If you are up there enjoying the view, it is nice to learn more about it. So, check out the view through the virtual binoculars via your phone or tablet.

Source image: www.trefhetinoss.nl

Uitkijktoren Herperduin

Watchtower Herperduin
Schaijkseweg 10
5373 KL Herpen

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T: +31412629706
E: datisoss@oss.nl

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Open 24 hours
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