Uitkijktoren Reus van Bosland
Watch tower 'Reus van Bosland'

Watch tower 'Reus van Bosland' - Lommel

N 51.25192911778 / E 5.2952411698745

Want to see the Lommel Sahara from the air? You can do so from the impressive observation tower, 'De Reus van Bosland' ('The Giant of Bosland'), which is no less than 30 metres high. On a clear day, visibility reaches up to 25 kilometres! Use the observation glasses on the highest platform to zoom in.

The design of 'De Reus van Bosland' comes from MaMu architects. They were inspired by the lines of the rolling sand dunes in the Sahara. You can see the play of lines in the ropes wrapped around the tower. Their natural look and draping them alternately tight and loose created the beautiful lines you see when looking over the Sahara.

Several walking routes have been marked out in the Lommel Sahara. You pass the watchtower on each of these routes, but of course you can also visit the tower on its own.

Uitkijktoren Reus van Bosland

Watch tower 'Reus van Bosland'
3920 Lommel

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