Oorlogsmonument Liessel
War memorial Liessel

War memorial Liessel - Liessel

N 51.413743910558 / E 5.8088786991535

After the 7th US Armoured Division had held out against German superiority, the area was cleared of German soldiers together with the 15th Scottish Division. This resulted in fighting that turned fatal for hundreds of soldiers and, in addition, dozens of civilian casualties in the surrounding church villages of Liessel and Neerkant.

This event is described in the book 'The Battle of the Shadow' by A. Korthals Altes. In memory and as a tribute to the war victims, this monument was unveiled in 1992.

Oorlogsmonument Liessel

War memorial Liessel
Monseigneur Berkvensstraat 83A
5757 BJ Liessel

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