Vol mill & Geul Valley

Vol mill & Geul Valley - Epen

N 50.769357 / E 5.919444

The Vol mill is a water mill. Thanks to the mill's location on the Geul river, there was plenty of water available to felt wool. This is also called 'vollen' in old Dutch, hence the Vol mill. Around 1780, the mag was converted into a grain mill. From 2024, the Vol mill will be an information hub. The miller's house will be converted into a holiday home.

The Geul valley is a beautiful piece of nature. The fastest-flowing river in the Netherlands is fed by 130 tributary streams.The soil of the Geul Valley has been influenced by Belgian zinc and lead mines. This does produce some unusual plants, such as the zinc violet and the zinc tree cherry.


Vol mill & Geul Valley
Plaatweg 1
6285 NK Epen

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T: 035-6559911

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Open 24 hours
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