VOC warehouse Het Peperhuis

VOC warehouse Het Peperhuis - Enkhuizen

N 52.7032999 / E 5.2970408

The former VOC warehouse Het Peperhuis was built in 1625 by order of the wealthy merchant Pieter van Beresteyn. In the Golden Age it was normal for merchants to have their multi-purpose warehouses built. For example, Van Beresteyn also used the warehouse as an office and house. The VOC later took over the warehouse and called it the Peperhuis, because it was used as a storage place for pepper and other spices from the East.

On the facade you can see a saying that has been inextricably linked to the Dutch language since the Golden Age: 'De cost gaet voor de baet uyt'. Which means that costs have to be incurred before you can earn anything from it.

The Peperhuis has been part of the Zuiderzee Museum since 1947.

VOC warehouse Het Peperhuis

VOC warehouse Het Peperhuis
Wierdijk 17
1601 LA Enkhuizen

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T: +31228351111
E: info@zuiderzeemuseum.nl

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