Vischpoort Elburg

Vischpoort Elburg - Elburg

N 52.44936 / E 5.83181

The gate used to be a defence tower, but it also served as a beacon for fishermen and freighters. The heavy oak doors could be closed in case of danger, thus defending the city well. A moat surrounded the city, which allowed it to be well protected.

That same water ensured that Elburg became a Hanseatic city. This was because Elburg was close to the Zuiderzee, allowing the city to trade fish. It was also easily accessible due to the shipping routes. In 1931, the Zuiderzee was closed off with the construction of the Afsluitdijk. This put an end to saltwater fishing in Elburg. Reclamation in 1956 also brought an end to the Hanseatic era; the connection with the water was almost completely severed.


Vischpoort Elburg
Havenstraat 33
8081 GM Elburg

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