Wijngaard Um D'n Olden Smid
Vineyard Um D'n Olden Smid

Vineyard Um D'n Olden Smid - Velswijk

N 52.0219935 / E 6.293635

Beautifully located on the cycle route between Velswijk and Keijenborg is the vineyard of Alma ten Bruin and Jan Jansen: Vineyard Um D'n Olden Smid. As the vineyard's name suggests, the buildings on the property are old. The front house originally comes from 1906, the back house even as far back as 1825.

By Alma and Jan themselves, the buildings have been remodelled and decorated so that guests can enjoy their stay. The yard, too, is beautifully arranged. There is an ornamental garden full of old-fashioned plants and flowers, a standard orchard, a vegetable garden, a wooded plot and rows of trees including oaks, beeches and lindens. You can even stay overnight in the B&B, looking out over the beautiful orchard from the conservatory.

Um D'n Olden Smid does not use chemical pesticides in their grape growing and strives to be as socially responsible as possible. That means environmentally friendly and organic products. The wines are fruity and low in sulphites. From rosé and white wines, to dry, wood-aged red wine: the Achterhoek wines made here all have their own delicious character.

In the conservatory is a shop where you can buy the wines, as well as other fruit and vegetable products from their own kitchen garden.

Wijngaard Um D'n Olden Smid

Vineyard Um D'n Olden Smid
Keijenborgseweg 31
7021 LW Velswijk

Contact details
T: 06-547 820 03
E: info@wijngaardumdenoldensmid.nl

Opening hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00
Sunday Closed

Other days by appointment.

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