Village Kralingen
Village Kralingen

Village Kralingen - Rotterdam

N 51.9244978 / E 4.5071167

The old village of Kralingen was situated along the ‘Veenweg’ or Peat Road that ran from the cemetery Oud Kralingen to the Kralingse Plas. The peat in the vicinity of Kralingen was first used as agricultural land. In the 17th century, agriculture disappeared as the peat was in high demand as fuel. As a result, in Kralingen the peat was excavated to a depth well below the water level. The excavation of the peat resulted in a large number of peat lakes between Kralingen and Nieuwerkerk
aan den IJssel. The Kralingse Plas is a visible reminder of this era. At the end of the 18th century many prosperous residents of Rotterdam had country houses in Kralingen.

Village Kralingen
Village Kralingen

Village Kralingen
Willem Ruyslaan 113
3061 TT Rotterdam

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