Village Ammerstol

Village Ammerstol - Ammerstol

N 51.9267651 / E 4.8083196

In the 14th century, Ammerstol's economy was based on the salmon trade. There was a fish market in Ammerstol that was moved to the neighbouring town of Schoonhoven at the beginning of the 15th century; the fish market returned in the 18th century. Of course, ships were also needed to catch salmon. For a long time there were two shipyards in the village. The salmon industry also created work for other craftsmen. For example, the fish was transported in baskets, which were made in nearby basket makers. There was also a great need for rope, which meant that there was also plenty of work to be done in the three rope-makers in the village. Some Ammerstollers became ambitious and made the switch to whaling, such as the Ooms and Snel families.

Partly because of the pollution, the last salmon from the river Lek was fished in 1921. The statue of a salmon angler by Roel Bendijk on the Kerkplein is a reminder of the salmon catch.

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Village Ammerstol

Village Ammerstol
Willem van Lutterveldstraat
2865 XT Ammerstol

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