Uitzichtpunt Loozensche Linie
Viewpoint Loozensche Linie

Viewpoint Loozensche Linie - Loozen

N 52.5901185 / E 6.655939

Between Hardenberg and Gramsbergen lies the Loozensche Linie. On this is a wonderful viewpoint! Besides the beautiful view, here you can see a work of art in the water about the line's military past.

The Loozensche Linie cannot be visited directly by bike, so put your bike aside and walk via the footpath, a ferry and footbridges to this defensive work from the time of Napoleon. The work was built to protect the Batavian Republic. You can still see part of the bastion and the water structures that were constructed today.

The space for water was created by excavating an old meander, or old river arm, and connecting it to the river Vecht. This makes the area of great cultural-historical value. In 1971, the fortification was listed as a national monument.

There is also a wheelchair path to the watchtower.

Uitzichtpunt Loozensche Linie

Viewpoint Loozensche Linie
Hardenbergerweg 23
7778 HP Loozen

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