Uitkijkpunt Kiekuut
Viewpoint Kiekuut

Viewpoint Kiekuut - Zierikzee

N 51.638455 / E 3.896587

Cycling along the Oosterschelde always means a breath of fresh air with a wide view over water and land. It is worth the effort, because nature from the past will get plenty of space here again. The new, wet, and salty nature is intended for birds and people. Thanks to the 1991 Plan Tureluur, now completed, this bird with its orange beak and long legs can be seen here all year round. As a result, the redshank is now the symbol for the new nature that has been developed here in recent years. Natuurmonumenten manages around 700 hectares of wet, saline, and robust delta nature, aimed at coastal birds and meadow birds.

Uitkijkpunt Kiekuut

Viewpoint Kiekuut
4302 WT Zierikzee

Contact details
T: 0000-000000
E: info@vogelkijkhut.nl

Opening hours
Open 24 hours
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