Uitkijkpunt Circle of Life ©Pim Julsing - via Vogelkijkhut.nl

Viewpoint Circle of Life - Zeewolde

N 52.310070 / E 5.468834

From this vantage point situated on a hill you have great views over the nature of the Stille Kern, the silent heart of the Horsterwold. This young Flevoland forest is home to mammals such as roe deer, fallow deer and foxes.

The lookout hill is also an ideal point for bird watching. Many water birds perch on the pond, and species such as the summer torch, cuckoo, nightingale and, with luck, the red-backed shrike can fly by just like that.

The hill is not quite reachable by bike, so park it at the edge of the forest and follow the footpath to get to the literal circle and enjoy the view.

Photo: ©Pim Julsing - via Vogelkijkhut.nl

Uitkijkpunt Circle of Life ©Pim Julsing - via Vogelkijkhut.nl

Viewpoint Circle of Life
3896 LR Zeewolde

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