Uitkijktoren Tour de Frans
View tower Tour de Frans

View tower Tour de Frans - Boxtel

N 51.554335026282 / E 5.281820174

Watch tower Tour de Frans is located in the Banisveld. This is a former agricultural landscape where Boxtel residents used to dump their domestic waste. The tower is 12 metres high and built in 2019.

The watchtower is named after forester Frans Kapteijns. He retired and his wish was for a new tower. He started a crowdfunding among his followers on Twitter. Thanks to those followers, nature lovers and organisations from the area, the tower was realised. Previously, there was also a tower, but it needed replacing after 13 years.

From Tour de Frans, you can look out over a large part of the Kampina nature reserve. From mid-August to mid-September, you can enjoy the purple heather. Not only the well-known heather can be admired, but also the lavender heather is here.

Uitkijktoren Tour de Frans

View tower Tour de Frans
5281 Boxtel

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E: info@uitkijktorens.nl

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