Veluwemeer coast - Hulshorst

N 52.375192 / E 5.674722

The Veluwemeer coast is an area with a special history. The Zuiderzee used to flow here, now for many animals it is an important transition from the dense forests of the Veluwe to the openness of the water of the Veluwemeer. Thanks to the presence of the longest brook of the Veluwe, the Hierdense Beek, and the clean seepage water, the area is humid. An ideal habitat for the reed and flesh-coloured orchid and the small and round sundew. The reed around the Veluwe Lake is important for the bittern and the catfish. In summer, the white-tailed eagle is often seen and in autumn the Veluwe Lake is an important feeding area for the small swans.


Veluwemeer coast
8077 RM Hulshorst

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T: 035-6559911

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