Veenloopcentrum Weiteveen
Veenloopcentrum (Peat walk centre)

Veenloopcentrum (Peat walk centre) - Weiteveen

N 52.6719158 / E 6.9970102

Originating from an initiative by villagers, you can now 'peat walk' in the Bargerveen nature reserve under the guidance of guides. Nuns and pioneers used to live here in the middle of the peat. Find out about the village's rich history at the Nature Infocentre or set off on your own with a guide on a peat walk expedition.

In addition, the Veenloopcentrum is a lovely overnight location. The former Roman Catholic Rectory houses four guest rooms with private bathrooms. In the morning, a delicious breakfast is provided by the volunteers.

Veenloopcentrum Weiteveen

Veenloopcentrum (Peat walk centre)
Zusterweg 17
7765 AX Weiteveen

Contact details
T: 0524-541458

Opening hours
Open 24 hours
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