Veendermolen - Roelofarendsveen

N 52.1800004 / E 4.621039

From 1830 on the site of the current mill there is an octagonal, reed-covered mill. It was demolished in 1926. A diesel engine was then placed in the stump of the mill. But apparently that did not work out and in 1934 this diesel pumping station was cleared, after which the current mill is built. Hood parts, ash and rods come from the octagonal mill of the Noordeind and Geerpolder near Langeraar. In 1978 the mill became the property of the Rijnlandse Mill foundation.

The mill was restored in 2000, whereby the mortar was extended and deepened, among other things.

The mill is kept in operation by a voluntary miller and acts as an auxiliary pumping station for extreme flooding. The polder is 186 hectares, head is approx. 4.50 meters.

Source: Rijnlandse Molenstichting


Aderweg 3
2371 AH Roelofarendsveen

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