Valkenberg country house - Valkenberg

N 51.535900 / E 4.839156

The oldest resident of this beautiful country house is Lijsbeth van Valkenberg. The current occupant has not forgotten her and that is why it is still called Landhuis Valkenberg. The first construction on this national monument took place in 1770 and at the end of the 19th century, it underwent another major renovation. The country house is surrounded by an English garden where you will find an alternation between a formal lane pattern, open area and wooded area.

Together with Hondsdonk, Oud-Luchtenburg and Luchtenburg, this estate forms one whole. With a joint surface area of 56 hectares, all estates connect to the Strijkbeekse Heide.


Valkenberg country house
5126 NA Valkenberg

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The country house is privately owned and cannot be visited. Of course, you can admire it from the outside.

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