Twiske mill - Landsmeer

N 52.435009 / E 4.897008

The Twiske polder is an area of about 650 hectares and lies between Landsmeer, Den Ilp and Oostzaan. The polder has been on the map since 1288 and owes its name to the small peat river the Twiske. The Twiske mill regulates the water level of the polder.

The Twiske mill has been in its current location since 1975. The mill is one of the few polder mills in the Netherlands that is still in operation as a pumping station. The windmill is driven by the wind, but if there is too little or too much wind, an electric motor can still be used to pump the water.

The windmill is a national monument and is owned by the Twiske-Waterland Recreation Authority. The miller and his family still live in the miller's house.


Twiske mill
Het Luijendijkje 3
1121 LM Landsmeer

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T: +316-22141353

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