Treecentre Netherlands

Treecentre Netherlands - Baarn

N 52.2205994 / E 5.2376438

You may not even think about it, but not all the trees are bought at the garden centre on the corner. If you want to buy a large or special tree, you can go to Bomencentrum Nederland. More than one hundred thousand trees in 750 species are grown here. In the middle of the tree centre is the Green Pavilion, beautifully situated in a beautiful park with winding ponds. The Green Pavilion is used for events of a business or festive nature.

Treecentre Netherlands

Treecentre Netherlands
Zandheuvelweg 7
3744 MN Baarn

Contact details
T: 035-6460200

Visiting the nursery is only possible after making an appointment.

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