TOP Zilverstad Schoonhoven

TOP Zilverstad Schoonhoven - Schoonhoven

N 51.943063 / E 4.854837

National Silver Town Schoonhoven (1322) and silver are inextricably linked. It is not for nothing that the city bears the honourable name of 'National Silver City'. A name that goes back to the Golden Age, when blacksmiths founded the Gold and Silversmiths' Guild in 1629 and trade flourished.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries no less than 40% of the inhabitants were directly employed in the gold and silver sector! This can still be seen in the streetscape of Schoonhoven. In the monumental silver workshops, old silversmith's dwellings and the more than thirty galleries, jewellery shops and studios, the most beautiful jewellery, utensils and works of art made of silver are still produced and traded today. As in the Golden Age, the silversmiths finish their training at the Silver Trade School with a masterpiece.

TOP Zilverstad Schoonhoven

TOP Zilverstad Schoonhoven
Buiten de Veerpoort
2871 CC Schoonhoven

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