TOP Westzaan
TOP Westzaan

TOP Westzaan - Westzaan

N 52.466224020707 / E 4.7664880054816

The placement of the first wood sawmill in 1596 created a prosperous timber trade, sailcloth weaving, ship biscuit bakery and shipbuilding in the Zaan region. Its waterfront location was ideal. Because of the merchandising and work ethic of the Zaankanters, success grew. Their skillwas so famous that Tsar Peter the Great came from Russia to learn how to build a ship.

You can park your car near the water tower and start your cycle route here.

TOP Westzaan

TOP Westzaan
Provinciale weg N246
1551 SB Westzaan

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T: +31 20-6228115

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Open 24 hours
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