TOP Stroombroek
TOP Stroombroek

TOP Stroombroek - Braamt

N 51.9321763 / E 6.2677535

This interchange is located on the Stroombroek recreation area, which consists of a large lake with a beach and sunbathing meadows, suitable for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, rowing and pedal boating. Fishing jetties have been constructed along the banks.

Montferland is a hilly area and is also near this interchange. Huis Bergh castle also sits nearby. The castle is full of medieval artefacts. The tower is an old armoury, from where you now have a great view of the surroundings.

Photo: ©Achterhoek Toerisme

TOP Stroombroek

TOP Stroombroek
Landweerswal 2
7047 CE Braamt

Contact details
T: 0545-250380

Opening hours
Open 24 hours
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